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We are an experienced law firm of Spanish solicitors specialised in Property Conveyancing, Inheritance, Fiscal Advice and Litigation. We pride ourselves on providing clear and personalised legal advice to all of our clients on a wide range of legal areas.


We provide advice and represent our clients in the purchase, sale, resale, inheritance of property and also financing.

Our services include the following:

  • Application for NIE Preparation of Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of the contract of sale and purchase.

  • Checking any outstanding charges, mortgages secure debts and restrictive covenants.

  • Preparation of all the necessary paper work for the obtaning of the second occupation license and the energy certificate.

  • Preparation of the necessary paperwork and doc. for public deeds .

  • Provide assistance at completion Registration of title deeds.

  • Change of ownership before Spanish Authorities.

  • Contracts and direct debits for utility services.

  • Completion and lodging of tax forms before Inland Revenue

  • Landlord and Tenant services:

  • Drafting of contracts & short/long-term rental agreements .

  • Mediation, Liabilities & Obligations.

  • Advising & representing Tenants/Landlords Home or Landowners/Leaseholders.

  • Possession proceedings/Boundaries & right of way disputes Breaches of Covenant Leasehold Enfranchisement.



We design a tax planning strategies to help our clients operate efficiently and effectively to minimise their taxes in Spain, but we always assure compliance with Spanish Tax Laws.

We offers a complete tax return service including advice on self assessment, calculating and minimising your tax bill, timing tax payments and avoiding penalties and surcharges.



If you contact us our range of tax services includes:


• Tax planning and problem solving.

• Explanation in simple terms of your Tax liabilities in Spain.

• Personal annual tax returns, avoid penalties.

• Guidance through the Spanish tax system including local rates.

• Calculation and minimisation of your tax bill without breaking the Law.

• General tax advice as owner of Spanish assets.

• Advice on Inheritance Tax planning

Depending the type of service you may require We also offer an annual service contract to provide the personal  needs of each client.

A Will is one of the most common legal needs, but less than 25% of Europeans have one. As you may know a Will is not exclusively about making sure that the right people will inherit without disagreement or problems. It is a formal declaration of intention made by a person in their life-time of their wishes concerning the disposal of their property after their death.We understand the need to preserve and protect your assets and those of your family. If you have purchased or already have a property in Spain, we strongly recommend you to make a Spanish will in order to facilitate the distribution of your Spanish assets.


We advise all our clients that own property orassets in Spain to make a Spanish Will which will detail their wishes for the distribution of their assets after death.This Will be particulary helpful for non-Spanish inheritors as the Spanish system is easier where Wills exist. In the Spanish legal system, the rules governing the distribution of property after death are according to the deceased nationality.


There are two different types of successions:


A) Testated Succession which arises when the deceased person has expressed their wishes in theform of a Will.


B) Intestate Succession which arises when a person dies in testate. In this case, the statutory law rules will govern the distribution of the in testates’ estates upon the assumption that people who die intestate would have wished to make provision for beneficiaries.


 In Spain, the signing of Wills must be made by the testator in the presence of a Public Notary who will keep in his file the original document until the day of death, and will register it in the Spanish Spanish Central Registry of Wills that belongs to the Ministry of Justice.


If you have already made a will in Spain, please note that your financial and familiar circumstances can change and therefore your Will should be reviewed and up dated .

If you decide to contact us, we can:


Advise and guide you in preparing or revising your Spanish Will. You can make several Wills but it is only the last signed Will that is valid.


Give advice on Inheritance Tax, and explain the whole procedure for the distribution of the estate after death.


Assist you at the Notary Office when you sign your Spanish will.


Help you to receive and register in your name,any Spanish inheritance where a relative of yours has died with or without a Spanish Will.



Our legal fees for assisting you to receive inheritance from a deceased relative will depend on the circumstances and cannot be fixed in advance. Fees and costs vary depending on the work to be carried out and the value of the inheritance. Please do not hesitate to discuss with us your particular case, and we will be pleased to give you an estimate of how much our work will cost, together with inheritance tax and other costs to be paid. For further information on Wills and estates matters,please do not hesitate to contact us  We will be pleased to study your particular case and help you to prepare a Will or solve your inheritance legal issues. We aim to provide a caring service in the making of Wills.



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