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Legal & Administrative Services in Moraira since 1993, providing a complete personalised legal, tax and management service to foreign citizens in Spain. 



An experienced law firm of Spanish solicitors specialised:


Conveyancing & Real Estate Law
Fiscal Advice on personal, property and bussiness taxation
Probate & Wills
Settlement of disputes & Litigation
Urbanistic Law


"We pride ourselves on providing clear and personalised legal advice to all of our clients on a wide range of legal areas".


  • Being solicitors whose independence is of the most importance.

  • We will not hesitate to protect the interests of our clients and refuse a case if our independence is at risk.

  • We charge our clients with the appropriate fees according to work carried out and time spent.


For more information or just to answer a simple legal question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.



  • We always keep all information and details concerning clients CONFIDENTIAL

  • At A&R associates, we understand your concerns about the privacy of personal information. Establishing an  internal guide lines concerning the collection, use and  security of our client’s information.  

  • It is our priority to keep client’s information confidential and use it only to work on their behalf.

  • Respecting your privacy and any information about an individual’s legal / tax situation will always remain confidential between us  and the client.


" We pride ourselves on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients and guiding them through the process of understanding and complying with the requirements of often complicated legal system ."

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